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Llanmaes is a Treasure, a Top 20 Treasure in fact.......

Andy HigginsComment
“In 2003, Steve McGrory and Anton Jones reported a group of rare bronze cauldrons and axes they’d found in the Vale of Glamorgan. An initial investigation of the spot by the National Museum of Wales revealed an extraordinary prehistoric feasting mound and a remarkable accumulation of cultural material dating back to the beginning of the Iron Age, around 2,650 years ago. Beneath the mound lay a previously unsuspected Bronze Age settlement. When we excavated this we found Bronze Age gold artefacts, later declared Treasure.” (National Museum Wales)

— Edward Besly, numismatist, National Museum of Wales

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the Treasure Act 1996. The Daily Telegraph and British Museum are highlighting a ‘Top 20’ list of Treasures which the public are now invited to vote on and choose their favourite before voting closes on May 15. You can read their article here:


Please visit the above link and vote for Llanmaes! More information to follow, Tim Fowler is meeting The National Museum Cardiff next week for an interview.

More information here on the story of the Llanmaes Feasting Ground!